Prisiliya Madan, cycled solo from Panvel to Kanyakumari and Dhruv Bogra went on an epic journey from Alaska to Peru.Both these inspiring cyclists spoke at the Eccentrips’ second meet-up held at Giant cycle store in Khar on Sunday morning.

The story of a 22 year old girl who beat all odds and cycled alone from Panvel to Kanyakumari, doesn’t that fill you with awe? How about a man who took a sabbatical from his successful corporate career and cycled from Alaska to Peru for over 400 days? These were the two astonishing stories that unfolded at Eccentrips’ second meet-up. In a question and answer session Prisiliya Madan and Dhruv Bogra shared tips on planning long distance bicycle tours.    In attendance were about 30 plus cyclists and travel enthusiasts keen on learning from their experiences.

Audience in rapt attention at the meet-up
The session was moderated by Sachin Bhandary a cycling enthusiast who also happens to be the founder of Eccentrips.

Prisiliya, explained how she got ready for her ride right at home by repairing punctures in her living room, carrying bags weighing 17kgs to train everyday! She also explained how she wanted to go beyond her comfort zone and choose a destination like Kanyakumari which was more challenging than cycling to Goa.

Dhruv, on the other hand had to prepare for a ride outside his country. He spent months reading about American wildlife and to understand the terrain better, he studied physical maps of all the countries he would pass through. One thing that was common to both their stories was the fact that people across the globe are more compassionate than we assume them to be.

Dhruv and Prisiliya in conversation with Sachin

Some prominent names in the cycling community were also present at the meet-up like Chetan Shah (Admin of Mumbai cycling enthusiasts), Sumit Patil(an endurance cyclist) and Vishal Sharma (founder member of Bandra cycling club).

Chetan Shah, Sumit Patil and Vishal Sharma
Also available at the event were copies of the book ‘Grit, Gravel and Gear’ the book Dhruv penned down after returning from his journey. Attendees could buy the book at a special price and also get it signed by Dhruv.

When asked to share the key learning from their journey Prisiliya said, “Patience and learning to adapt to any situation is what I learnt from my 19-day ride". Dhruv on the other hand said, “Live your life, follow and achieve your dreams and always give back to the world in some form”.

Post event selfie!

The morning left the audience inspired while it gave the speakers an opportunity to speak to a curious audience. Eccentrips intends to organize one such event every month in Mumbai and eventually build a community of passionate people who cycle to explore.