Eccen-Tips: How To Extend Your Visa In Rio In Less Than An Hour!

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If you are in Rio in Brazil and want to extend your visa, then you are in for an unpleasant and painstakingly slow experience. This, according to other bloggers and their experience at the Policia Federal office at Rio De Janeiro airport.

This blog post is about how to avoid this and get your visa renewed real quick without any hassle.

I am considering that you already know the requirements after reading the earlier blog on visa extension requirements.

I paid the visa extension fees at Banco Do Brasil and got my visa. All within an hour.


It’s simple – make an odd choice.

The Policia Federal office at the Rio airport is really busy with people queuing up from 7am! The officers probably feel this pressure and apply it back on the tourists. I decided to experiment with another Policia Federal office. No, I did not go far away. In fact, it was as close as the airport was to where I was in Sao Cristavo.

I looked up the internet and found that there is a Policia Federal office for domestic passports and foreigners in Niteroi, the city next to Rio De Janeiro. It is another city, but in terms of commute, it is closer than some of Rio’s suburbs. It was certain that this office would be much more relaxed than the one we discussed before.

Here is the address:

Policia Federal, Third Floor, Rua Da Conceicao, Niteroi

( I chose this office for my visa extension payment form)

Now here is what my day looked like, lets time it:

10.00am to 10.45am:

Subway ride from Sao Cristavo to Carioca(R$ 3.70)

Barcas or  ferry to Niteroi from Praca XV(R$ 5.00)

(Plus, you get see sights like these on the way. More than worth it, won’t you think?)

Niteroi shopping is a ten minute walk from the ferry station in Niteroi.

10.45am – 11.10am:

Walked into the Banco Do Brasil right opposite to Niteroi shopping. This is what it looks like.

Awaited my turn. My number was C022. Clicked the below picture when it was C017’s turn. Within ten minutes I walked out of this bank.

11.10am to 11.45am: 

With the visa extension payment receipt and other required documents, I walked across the street to Niteroi shopping. Went to the Policia Federal office on the third floor.

Now, things were supposed to get difficult. But since I was in Niteroi and not at Rio De Janeiro, it turned out to be exactly the opposite.

There was hardly any queue at the counter for foreigners(Estrangeiros in portuguese). Below is the picture.

The officer was extremely nice. It was probably the first time he was processing an Indian’s visa extension request( he checked a booklet to check specifications for Indians).

In a kind tone, he asked me, “How many extra days do you need?” I said I planned on staying two more weeks after my visa expired in the third week of November(2015).

He then asked, “Is it okay if I give you a month’s extension?”

That was more than enough for me. I agreed. This brief conversation happened in Portuguese. But I am sure even if you don’t speak any portuguese it wouldn’t make any difference.

I was asked to wait.


10 minutes later I was out of the Policia Federal office with my visa extension 🙂

It was 11.45am. I had stepped into Niteroi for the first time an hour ago. I decided to celebrate with my favourite snack in Brazil – Acai 🙂


Things to note:

  1. The information on some other blogs state that you get a 90 day extension in any case. That did not happen with me. The extension on my passport is a specific date, a month from when my visa expires
  2. Its better to cross check about eligibility about visa extension with the consulate/embassy where you got the visa. I sent an email to the consulate in Mumbai and they replied saying that Indians were eligible for visa extensions
  3. The officer did not check any documents except the passport, payment receipt, entry card and the visa extension form. BUT DO NOT go without all documents listed in this blog post.

Never thought I would say this, but I love you Policia Federal 🙂

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  • jumbo says:

    hello! i followed these steps today and it almost worked! the line was indeed super short and they were nice. but after they asked me where i am staying and i answered “Rio” they sent me back to Galeao (the nightmare). so, the Niteroi plan would have worked except for that. i stil lrecommend your readers to go to Niteroi but be ready to lie about staying in Niteroi when asked the same question. what’s a small little lie when it can help you not go to nightmare called Galeao federal police for foreigners office?!

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