Why A Day In Delhi’s North Campus Will Take Years Off Your Age

By February 9, 2015Blog, Eccen-Tips, India
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Life is disappointing. You are born, go to school (have fun), then go to college (even more fun) and then start working (hmmmm…).

I am not qualified to speak about other stages of life but your guess is as good as mine.

Disappointing because there are only a few roles or experiences you can enjoy in this lifetime. Day dreams remain just that – dreams. Going back to college and spending some time there is a day dream that I have savoured for years.

No wonder then that I was thrilled when a friend in Delhi suggested that I could stay with him in Delhi University’s North Campus.

I have a friend who decided to go back to college. Yes, such people do exist.

What’s more important that he attends a college in North Campus.

The same North Campus which has been romanticized in movies and conversations. The same North Campus which gave this country many a well known names – one of them being Amitabh Bachchan.

The same North Campus which is the abode of the prettiest girls in Delhi.

I was lucky to spend a day walking, talking and watching in North Campus. If you ever get a chance to do the same, here are some of the things you could do:


EAT – It is not about the food, but about the excuse

Food is about taste and texture. Well, not.

Remember, in college, when food was an excuse to hang out with your pals in the canteen?

Remember the greasy plates, cheap rates, the noise and your assigned waiter who would bring you extra ketchup?

Yes, I experienced the same things after over a decade at the Gwyer Hall canteen. We devoured thousands of aloo-pyaas ke parathe, equal number of plates of rajma chaval and gallons of lassi.

But what took the cake was an innovation called Mitha Samosa.

While the food was good company, that of a young group of aspiring lawyers was even more fun.

Gwyer Hall canteen and its delights 

WALK – For all the beauty will reveal itself

North Campus without a doubt is one of the best places to walk in this country, especially during late winters. Large pavements, college campuses, chai-stalls and beautiful buildings are incentive enough.

If those aren’t then the Faculty of Arts and Miranda house should motivate you. Because sights of beautiful people always make up for the calories you burn while walking. And these are spots where there is more beauty per square metre than anywhere else in the country.

You can take as many pit stops as you want and soak in the atmosphere. Also allow the atmosphere to soak you in. Feel like a 20-something student with grand ideas to change the world. And while at it, keep the corners of your eyes busy because there is always someone interesting standing a few feet away.

Ok, I did not click pictures of pretty women. Cos I think it’s inappropriate (Brownie point!)#

TALK- For we are all social animals and need to connect at a deeper level

There is a time to be a student. And if you are a student in North Campus then time the only thing you have.

Lectures are an excuse to catch up with friends for a discussion on local elections and the global economy. Not just that, who is invited for the popular girl’s house party and other such are issues of national importance.

I spoke to a gang about the Delhi elections and almost everyone agreed that it was impossible to predict whether BJP or AAP would be voted to power in the capital.

Just showing-off that my pursuits are intellectual too.


We’ve been talking so much, our souls hurt

SMOKE – For radical ideas need some initiation

College campuses are where youngsters broaden the horizon of their minds. And no, I am not referring to studies. It is marijuana or hashish that assists this life altering process.

Corners of North Campus have special status – a world within this world with access to believers.

Some prefer their purple smoke with tea, others with coffee and conversation. It would be worth your while to indulge in nostalgia of your carefree days with a drag or two of the pleasant smoke stick.

Well did I smoke while I was there? Of course not! (wink)

Let’s meet under the wisdom tree

That is what my day at North Campus looked like. It was fun to mingle with people who were a decade younger than I. At least for that day I felt like my career was a few carefree years away.

The one thing I could not manage to do though was to attend a lecture as a student (which is totally possible, if you find a friendly student who can escort you).

Like all good things, this too had to come to an end. But not without a metro ride to Hauz Khas and a night of insane dancing at one of the clubs in the vicinity.

I woke up the next morning asking my host ‘Oye, lecture kitne baje hai?’

Aren’t odd experiences the best? Want to create a few? It’s not that difficult.

And when you do – remember to share them with me J

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