Five Eccentric Things About Cali, Colombia

Cristo rey Cali
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Cali, Colombia’s third largest city, is known as the Salsa capital of the world. And rightly so. But there are more eccentric things about the city beyond this title.
Here are five eccentric things about the city that grooves to a different beat. Watch the video or read the blog, or both. Have fun.

1. Salsa Rules Cali:

Well, you already know that. But you probably do not know the extent to which Salsa dominates every day life in Cali.
There is Salsa music everywhere – from taxis, to nightclubs and to street side shops. There is no escaping it. Even at homes, people play these latin beats. Come weekend, and the beats grow louder and faster.

2. The Parks:

Now what can be eccentric about parks? But its Cali, so it is quite possible.
The city is so fond of cats and dogs that they have been immortalised in city parks. Parque Del Gato or the Cat park close to Rio Cali in the centre is dedicated to cats with interesting and creative cat structures. The park started in 1996 with a bronze structure and now the first cat is joined by 15 different cats, structures I mean.
But that’s not it. Right in the centre, surrounded by bars and restaurant is Parque Del Perro. Perro means Dog in Spanish. Now this park has a heart-breaking story associated with it. It is dedicated to a specific dog named Teddy, who was poisoned by a man. The young master of the dog went on to become an important person in the city and ordered creation of the structure in remembrance of the talented dog.
Should make it worth a visit, right?
Parque del gato

3. Where are the prettiest girls? In Cali or Medellin?

Well, in the writer’s personal opinion, girls all over Colombia are pretty. But Calenos(residents of Cali) take this discussion quite seriously. It does not take long for a taxista(taxi driver) to ask you what you think about women in Cali. And most defend Cali women saying they are the prettiest in Colombia.
Care to travel to Cali to agree or disagree with Calenos?

4. The motorcycle Rule:

What is a motorcycle for? To help two people travel right? Probably not, if both are men in Cali.
Look closely at motorcycles in the city and you will realise that you cant find two men riding together.
That’s because the rule does not allow two men to ride together on a motorbike.
Eccentric, isn’t it
Yes it is, but there is a reason why this was done. Robberies and muggings committed by men riding together on a motorbike were on the rise. So the authorities deemed it fit to disallow for two men to ride a motorbike together. Calenos have gotten used to this rule and some say that it has worked out well for the city.

5. What’s cheaper? Party? Or dinner?

In most places around the world, the answer to this would be obvious. Dinner will be cheaper because two extra drinks at a club and you could be staring at long bill.
But in Cali, things work differently. Many clubs have free entrance and both beer and Aguardiente(anise flavored Colombian spirit) are pretty cheap. A night of partying shouldn’t set you back by more than 20,000 pesos(unless you binge drink).
Dinner on the other hand in a decent restaurant could cost you more than this amount.
So better learn some salsa steps and invite your dates for dancing rather than dinner. Or may be both, take your pick.
These were the five eccentric things about one of the most amazing cities in the world. If you have any questions, or want to share your favourite eccentricity from this city, post it in the comments. We will be glad to hear from you.

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