How To Renew Or Extend Your Brazilian Visa?

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Brazil is a diverse and beautiful country. Your desire to stay in the country will outrun the 90 days that you get on the visa(at least mine did).

Extending visa while in Brazil is quite simple, at least in theory. But then, theory and reality are poles apart in this quirky country.

There are many websites/ blogs that suggest overstaying the visa. There are two reasons for this. One, the process for extending the visa can be quite frustrating. Second, you simply need to pay a fine of R$ 8.50 for every day that you overstay. The maximum fine is R$ 850. Apparently, you need to pay this only when you enter Brazil the next time.

But that is not the point of this blog post. I do not recommend overstaying, because it shows as a stamp on your passport. As a long term traveler, I try to avoid this.

Renewing or extending your visa will take some preparation. Through my experience, I hope to make things easier for others. Here is my quick guide on extending or renewing your tourist visa while you are in Brazil. In the easiest possible way.


My Capoeira teachers - renewing a visa in Brazil is much like this sport. It looks easy, but isn't ūüôā

What Are The Requirements For Visa Renewal/Extension?

  • Passport
  • Cartao Da Entrada(Entry/exit that you receive while entering the country)
  • Formulario De Prorrogacao De Prazo De Turista( don’t stress, it just means tourist visa extension form)
  • Receipt of payment of visa extension fees
  • Reserved ticket for leaving Brazil
  • Proof of financial solvency(bank statement or credit card statement)

Your passport, entry card, reserved ticket for leaving the country and credit card or bank statement is something you need no guidance on. So, I will focus only aspects that actually need help. The first one is,

Tourist Visa Extension Form:

All the information and links are available on . But the entire website is in portuguese and it does not translate well in English. So skip it, refer to the direct links in this post.

You will find the visa extension form here.

This is what it looks like.

Payment of visa extension fees:

This is slightly more difficult. There are two steps.

Step Number One:

Go to the link here and fill the form. Once you do this, print out the receipt.Without the printed receipt, you cannot go to the next step.

It asks for your personal information, except for the Unidade Arrecadadora(policia federal from where you are applying for the extension) and the Código da Receita STN (code for the type of service). Here is what you need to do:

Unidade Arrecadadora : Select from the drop down the Policia Federal close to you. Most people fill the extension at the airport in Rio De Janeiro. Go to the drop down and choose RJ(105-8).

Código da Receita STN: type out 140090 in the search box and select.

This is what your form will look like.

At this point you might face a problem, like I did. When you click the ‘Gerar Guia’ button to generate the form/ receipt, it may not work. I got stuck here for days, not understanding why this was happening. I also got my Brazilian friends to call Policia Federal to get an answer(but they didn’t have one, as expected).

Then, a friend of mine suspected that the laptop being used might need a special certificate. She was right. After looking at the policia federal, I found a link to a safety certificate. Install it and restart your computer. Then you will be able to generate the payment form/ receipt. This is the link.

Step Number Two:

Take the generated form/receipt to a Banco Do Brasil with a teller. ATMs will not work. Pay R$ 110.40 and get the receipt. Keep it safe with you. It is required when you visit the Policia Federal.

Visit To Policia Federal Office: 

Last step, collect all the documents mentioned above and visit your nearest Policia Federal office.

Please note:

  1. The visa extension form should be filled in blue/black ink. Leave the number of days requested empty. You can speak with the officer about this.
  2. Keep your ticket handy. Your name and the date should be visible as mentioned by many bloggers
  3. Other documents except your passport, visa form and payment receipt may or may not be required. That depends on the Policia Federal office and the officer who reviews your application. BUT DO NOT make the mistake of skipping any document. It will only result in heartburn. The officer might ask you to come back another day. Well, not exactly heartburn but stress and waste of time for sure.

Wait for your turn. Keep calm. Show your documents. And you should be able to leave the office with an extension and a smile in an hour(or a few). Congratulations!

Hope this helps.

Credits are due. These blog posts helped me. This and this one. But the one that helped me a lot was the one on My Quarter Life Epiphany.


If you read other blogs and forums, you will find that the Policia Federal office at Rio De Janeiro airport is pain personified. Bloggers suggest reaching at 7 in the morning! It just seems like stressful experience of a special kind.

I wanted to experiment and see if there was a way to avoid this for myself(and for others if I was successful). So I tried an odd way to extend my visa despite staying in Rio De Janeiro. I paid the visa extension fees at Banco Do Brasil and got the visa at the Policia Federal office. All within one hour!

How? Read my next blog : Eccen-Tips: How To Extend Your Visa In Rio In One Hour!

If you aren’t in Rio, visit the closest Policia Federal office and that should be enough.

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  • April says:

    Hi, could you please teach me what do I need to install from this link?
    To be able to submit the paying form. Thanks)

  • Stephanie says:

    Aww really glad I could have helped, it’s super nice of you to mention me!

    -Steph (Joy and Journey / Quarter Life Epiphany)

  • Sami says:

    Hi,, i would like to renewal my expired Brazilian tourism visa, but I’m not in Brazil for now, i went to the embassy that i got it before, but unfortunately they makes me feel that they wont give it to me again, Because they keep on asking many things and when i provide it, they said why you’re so fast,and told me to come back again on the next month, if you come again in the same month, your application well be rejected and you’ll gonna have that stamp in my passport, which well be never to go to Brazil ever!!! OMG i really don’t know how to fix this and how can i have it again.
    Could someone help and advice me on this issue?
    Please mail me in this for anything could help :
    And this is my what’s app number
    Thanks a lot and any help well be appreciated.

  • katrina says:

    Hi! Thank you, this is so helpful!! The links you have here are expired, do you happen to have updated ones? I am especially looking for the link to fill out the payment receipt and the one to download the security certificate, thank you!!

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