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The new cycling blog is going to be focused on making people fall in love or deepen their love for cycling. Along with being a blog it will be a community of like minded people supporting, guiding each other through this journey of cycling in India.

My love is long distance cycling through scenic routes and places that we do not visit otherwise. Hence, I will also be working on organising cycling trips for a commercial consideration(full disclosure). However, at the heart of this endeavour will be the cycling community and bringing more people into it.

The question is how? I hope to achieve that by writing about my own cycling journey, about others' and their rides, sharing as much info as possible, making videos and podcasts and eventually inviting people on trips.

If you have a forum, community, event where you feel I can add value by talking about cycling, some people who are cycling inspiration, mentors, great routes, DIY trips, etc, I will be happy to participate! Stay tuned and keep following!